Adams Dolik & Associates v Willis Manufacturing

An arbitrator with the American Arbitration Association awarded Adams Dolik & Associates $500,000 as compensation for unpaid commissions owed to the manufacturer’s representative for sales made on behalf of Willis Manufacturing Inc., an automotive supplier based in Delaware. According to the ruling, Willis Manufacturing failed to pay Adams Dolik & Associates commissions on multiple sales initiated by Dolik on behalf of Willis, dating back to June 2003.

Addressed during the arbitration were the multiple-tiered commission rates in the original contract and commissions paid on derivative, or successor, parts — those modified based on original parts specifically covered under the contract. Dolik was also awarded future commissions on sales initiated under the agreement as a result of the arbitrator’s ruling.

Kingsley Associates, Inc. v Moll PlastiCrafters, Inc.

This case involved a manufacturer representative dispute over the right of commissions on parts that a representative sells for the manufacturer to the automotive industry. The firm represented the Plaintiff Kingsley. The federal jury awarded Kingsley a verdict of nearly $2 million in commissions.

The District Judge granted a Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law and alternately a new trial. The verdict was reinstated by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Kingsley Associates, Inc. v. Moll PlastiCrafters, Inc., 65 F.3d 498, 1995 Fed. App. 0279P (6th Cir.(Mich.), Sep 15, 1995).

Miltimore Sales, Inc. v International Rectifier, Inc.

This case involved a manufacturer’s representative’s claims for lost commissions. The firm represented Plaintiff Miltimore and obtained virtually everything that Miltimore had demanded resulting in a verdict, which with interest and costs, will total nearly $3 million. This seven-week jury trial was in the U.S. District Court in Detroit, Michigan. Defendant was represented by Foley & Lardner.