Coupled Products v Navistar

Our client, Coupled Products, sued for about $1,000,000 and attorney fees when Navistar failed to fully pay for parts that Coupled had shipped. Navistar claimed that the parts had been shipped late and counter-sued for about $700,000. After a one week trial in Oakland County Circuit Court, a jury deliberated for only one hour before awarding Coupled its claimed damages — to the penny — and awarded $0 to Navistar. Coupled is currently seeking attorney fees from Navistar.

Provider Creditors Committee v United American Healthcare Corporation

The firm sought, and was granted, an interlocutory appeal of a venue issue. The Court of Appeals agreed with our clients’ position and ordered the case transferred to a different court. The opinion was published as 275 Mich App 90; 738 NW2d 770 (2007).

Ferris v Nissho Iwai American Corporation (Japan), et. al.

This case involved a Japanese trading company who defaulted on monies due upon purchasing a leasing company. The firm represented Plaintiff Ferris. We obtained an $8+ Million Judgment (including over $1 Million in attorneys fees). Honigman, Miller, Schwartz and Cohn represented Defendants.

Michigan Repacking & Produce Company v Dade Service Corporation, et. al.

This case involved massive refrigeration failures at a huge repacking plant in Detroit, Michigan. The firm represented Plaintiff Michigan Repacking, the largest wholesaler of fruit and vegetables in Michigan. The case was ultimately settled on the eve of trial in the Wayne County Circuit Court for nearly $10,000,000 against the three system suppliers.

Gleeson v Borda, et. al.

This case involved allegations of fraudulent misrepresentations to induce Plaintiff to join a newly formed law firm. The firm represented Defendant Borda, a principal of the newly formed law firm. Three of the original four Counts of the Complaint were adjudicated and dismissed through Summary Disposition Motions leaving one Count to adjudicate at trial. Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Rae Lee Chabot granted Defendants’ Motion for Dismissal at the end of Plaintiff’s proofs on this remaining Count.

Kolene Corporation v Ciarlone, et al.

This case involved allegations of conspiracy and expropriation of trade secrets against several Defendants. The firm represented Plaintiff Kolene, the world’s largest manufacturer of molten salt cleaning systems for industrial processes ranging from aerospace to automobile. The Oakland County jury awarded Kolene a $1.3 million verdict and the Judge issued a Preliminary Injunction against Defendants, a competitor and a former Vice President.

Fourteen Cities v Southern Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority

This case involved an acrimonious dispute between the largest composting operation in North America, which serves 14 surrounding communities and its host city. Mr. Young was appointed as a Special Master to oversee operations and advise the Court on matters. In a rare public comment, Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Fred M. Mester announced that “Not only is Rodger D. Young an outstanding lawyer, but he also proved to be a facilitator of the highest calling in resolving the seemingly un-resolvable.”