Attorney becomes envoy for Komen
Detroit Free Press, May 29, 2011

Focus: Patent Law — Evidence ruling may hurt suppliers
Chad Halcom, Crain’s Detroit Business, May 16, 2011

On the Stand: Rodger D. Young
Douglas J. Levy, Michigan Lawyers Weekly, May 13, 2011

The Incredible Husk: 175 liens and 60 law firms later, Bloomfield Park creditors may settle for 14 cents on the dollar
Chad Halcom, Crain’s Detroit Business, April 25, 2011

Focus: Best Lawyers – Rodger Young
Chad Halcom, Crain’s Detroit Business, December 5, 2010

Benchmark Litigation – The Definitive Guide to America’s Leading Litigation Firms and Attorneys Recognizes Young & Susser
Benchmark Litigation, October, 2010

Chambers 2010 Rankings: Rodger D. Young
June, 2010

Press Release: U.S. Court of Appeals Affirms $10 Million Verdict in Landmark Breach of Confidentiality Case
Young & Susser, December, 2009

Reversal sends medical patent case back to Portland
Bryan Denson, The Oregonian, December 2, 2009

Crusing Into Conflict: Shipboard art auctioneer Park West charts course through troubled waters
Chad Halcom, Crain’s Detroit Business, November 30, 2009

Dual Purpose: Commercial Lawyer Stands Tall in Legal, Public Service Worlds
Tom Kirvan, Legal News, November 17, 2009

DBusiness Profile: Rodger D. Young
DBusiness, October 29, 2009

Winning Strategies for Complex Business Challenges
Forbes, March 2, 2009

Seeking Someone to Blame: as real estate deals fail, more losers sue lawyers
Carol Lundberg, Michigan Lawyers Weekly, January 19, 2009

Appealing Rejected Patents is Costly, time-consuming
Mike Scott, Crain’s Detroit Business, July 14, 2008

Focus on an FBA Member, Rodger D. Young, U.S. Delegate to the United Nations General Assembly
FBA Newsletter, Michael J. Riordan, Winter 2007

Attorney Relishes Task for U.N. General Assembly
Oakland County Legal News, Tom Kirvan, November 27, 2007

Rodger D. Young/Young & Susser/Southfield (snapshot)
Dbusiness, R.J. King, November 2007

Faurecia Ordered to Pay $10 million in breach of confidentiality
Ryan Beene, Crain’s Detroit Business, October 2, 2007

Mr. Young goes to the U.N. General Assembly
Natalie Lombardo, Michigan Lawyers Weekly, October 1, 2007

President Bush Appoints Commercial Litigator and Bloomfield Hills Resident Rodger D. Young as One of Five Delegates to the United Nations
PR Newswire, September 13, 2007

Southfield Lawyer Named U.N. Delegate
Robert Ankeny, Crain’s Detroit Business, September 13, 2007

Patent ruling puts spin on “obvious’
Robert Ankeny and Andrew Dietderich, Crain’s Detroit Business, May 8, 2007

Settlement by Jury
Molly F. Dilbeck, J.D., Michigan Lawyers Weekly, October 23, 2006

KSR International v. Teleflex
Stephen Albainy-Jenei, Patent Baristas, September 14, 2006

KSR v. Teleflex: Rethinking Obviousness
Dennis Crouch, Patent LYO, August 26, 2006

KSR v. Teleflex–preliminary thoughts
IPCentral weblog, July 2, 2006

Justices Get Down to Business
Ben Winograd and Jess Bravin, Wall Street Journal, June 27, 2006

Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Patent and Clean Air Act Cases
Tony Mauro, Legal Times, June 27, 2006

Justices to Hear Gas Pedal Suit
Detroit News wire services, June 27, 2006

The Patent Epidemic
Michael Orey, Business Week Online, January 9, 2006

Pedal Patent Dispute May Reach High Court
Eric Freedman, Automotive News, January 9, 2006

Commercial brokers sue for commissions
Gary Hoffman,, October 6, 2005

Case on Obviousness Jurisprudence Gains Support — Microsoft Files Amicus Brief
Dennis Crouch, Crain’s Detroit Business, June 24, 2005

Supreme Court: Patent Professors Support Tighter Obviousness Standard
Dennis Crouch, Crain’s Detroit Business, May 13, 2005

Judicial restraint
Terry Kosdrosky, Crain’s Detroit Business, May 2, 2005

New jury instructions may help unravel contract disputes
Robert Ankeny, Crain’s Detroit Business, March 14, 2005

TRW Automotive joins ranks of auto suppliers suing vendors
Terry Kosdrosky, Crain’s Detroit Business, March 7, 2005

How to Avoid Legal Battles Over Broker Commissions
Rodger D. Young, NREI, January 2005

Rodger D. Young Named Practitioner of the Year
May 13, 2004

Litigation Firm Carefully Limits Caseload, Staff
Eric Pope, The Detroit News, March 7, 2004

Suppliers more willing to sue automakers, analysts say
Terry Kosdrosky, Crain’s Detroit Business, January 19, 2004

Teleflex Patent Suit May Set Precedent
Lindsay Chappell, Automotive News, January 22, 2001

Effective Use of Demonstrative Exhibits and Demonstrative Aids
Rodger D. Young & Steven Susser, Michigan Bar Journal, November 2000

Trade Secrets and Protecting High-Technology Markets: Substantive and Discovery Issues
Rodger D. Young, ALI-ABA course materials, March 1998

Protecting Software and/or Interoperability
Rodger D. Young, ALI-ABA course materials, April 1997

Recognition of American Judgments in Canada: Recent Canadian Law Moves Toward a ‘Full Faith and Credit’ Standard
Terry Milne Osgood, Michigan Bar Journal, January 1995

Defining Relevant Markets in High Tech Industries
Rodger D. Young, ALI-ABA course materials, January 1995

The Impact of Kodak on Antitrust Litigation
Rodger D. Young & Anthony P. Cho, Bar Journal, December 1993

Michigan Business Torts
Terry Milne Osgood, The Institute of Continuing Legal Education 1991

Separate Products in a Case
Rodger D. Young, ALI-ABA course materials, December 1991

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